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  • This is a self paced FUN group event and is NOT a race. Riders are to consider their fitness and comfort level in deciding upon the course they choose and the start corral they start in.

  • All participants must be at least sixteen (16) years of age.

  • All participants must wear an approved cycling helmet properly fastened at all times while on course.

  • Only registered participants are allowed to ride on course. All participants must have their timing chip attached to their bicycle according to the instructions provided at registration check-in. 

  • Participants are permitted to use standard road bicycles, e-bikes, hybrids, recumbents, commuters or mountain bikes. Bicycles with aero bar affixed, triathlon and time trial bicycles will not be permitted.

  • All participants must stay on the designated route. If at any time a rider finds they are unable to continue, they are requested to stop by the side of the route and they will be assisted by the event staff. All riders will be provided with a phone number they can call in the case of emergency and medical assistance will respond a fast as possible. 

  • Riders are encouraged to ride behind the Gran Fondo lead vehicle.  If a rider chooses to ride ahead of the lead vehicle and/or behind the rear support they are considered to be outside the ride and does so at their own risk.

  • Ride safely and in control. Any cyclist who is deemed to be riding unsafely, discourteously or recklessly will be automatically disqualified and immediately removed from the course.

  • Know your limits. Crashes can occur when inexperienced riders do not have bike-handling skills or experience riding in a pack. Never overlap your wheels with another cyclist, always ride with care.

  • Be aware of others around you and communicate well in advance while cycling. Use gestures in combination with verbal commands. Use hand signals or verbally warn riders behind you of obstacles and road imperfections. Maintain control and speed of your bike, even going downhill.

  • Pass on the left only. It is recommended that riders advise others that they are about to pass – politely saying "passing on your left” upon approaching a slower rider usually does the trick. Ride with your head up. Look down the road not at the person in front of you.

  • If you wish to stop while on course, signal to warn riders behind and pull over safely. If you need assistance stop on the right hand side of the road. Our on-course support team (mechanics, ride marshals, medical staff) will ask you whether or not you need assistance. If you’re OK, signal with a "thumbs-up” or verbally indicate you are OK.

  • The Gran Fondo will have mechanical support. However, it is advised to carry an extra inner tube, a repair kit, and a tire inflation device in case of a flat tire. Be respectful of other riders and help others when needed.

  • No outside support vehicles or other unauthorized vehicles will be allowed along the course.

  • No use of personal audio devices (iPhones / Cellphones, iPods, MP3 players etc) will be allowed on the course. 

  • Use of cameras is permitted. Riders are advised to stop to take pictures. Please exercise good judgment and ride safely.

  • Use of cell phones (talking on a cell phone) is not permitted while riding. If one must use a cell phone the rider MUST pull over to the side of the road and come to a complete stop. 

  • Emergency Vehicles and Official Event vehicles ALWAYS have the right of way. If a rider encounters an emergency vehicle, the rider is to give way to the emergency vehicle by moving over to the nearest side of the road, stopping and dismounting. If a rider encounters an Official Event vehicle and the operator signals by use of the horn that they wish to pass, the rider must immediately give the right of way to the vehicle. Disregard for this rule will result in disqualification and removal from the event.

  • The maximum time for completion of the ride will be based upon an average speed of 20 km/h, and will take into account 10 minute stops at each rest station plus 1 hour stoppage time for lunch. The full time is based upon completing the Gran Fondo and is 9 hours.

  • Preserve the beauty of PEI. No littering on course. Riders are to dispose of garbage in designated garbage bins only. If a participant is seen to be littering they will be sanctioned.

  • All riders are to obey traffic officers and course marshals. Disobeying instructions from these individuals will result in disqualification from the ride.

  • Public urination is not permitted. When nature calls, riders are to use portable toilets provided at Rest Stops.

  • The Gran Fondo PEI is a friendly event. All participants are expected to be courteous to all people they encounter along the route. If a participant is seen to be behaving in a discourteous manner they may be removed from the event and could be sanctioned against future Gran Fondo PEI entry.

  • There are 2 timed stages in the event. All registered riders are eligible to compete in these sections. All participants must abide by the rules of fair play and not interfere with other riders during the course of these timed sections. Failure to ride in a fair manner (such as impeding another rider or any other unfair or dangerous practice) can result in removal from the event and potential sanction from future Gran Fondo PEI entry. These sections will be staffed by officials and who will assess the timing of the riders. Time will be taken based upon crossing a start and finish mat and will be recorded by the chip timing.

  • To be eligible for prizes riders must finish the ride within the designated time limit, and not having been sanctioned for any infraction of the rules.

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