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Sunday Ride

The recovery ride! An inland and rural seaside loop. 


China Point Group Ride

Distance: 58 km

Terrain: Flat areas mixed with rolling hills 

Est. climbing: 396m

Start times:

9:15 AM Start#1 (32+ km/hr)

9:30 AM Start#2 (28 - 31 km/hr)

9:45 AM Start#3 (24 - 27 km/hr)

10:00 AM Start#4 (20 - 23 km/hr)

10:15 AM Start#4 (to 20 km/hr)

Sunday's ride is guided by local cycling ambassadors. It begins at the Fondo Village and ends at
the final lunch stop,                       at 2 Pownal St, where riders will enjoy their final Fondo Meal
over looking the Charlottetown Harbour.

There will be bike racks available onsight and will be monitored by Gran Fondo Volunteers.

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